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behind the scenes

Here, you can learn a little more about Mosaic Party, who is behind the scenes making it all tick, 

and what processes are involved when you book a package or service.


I love everything wedding & event related, and am blessed to be living such a creative life.
It's always an honour to be part of my clients special occasions - every single time.

Jane of many trades: management + logistics + art + crafts + design + cooking + baking

Hands always covered in paint, glue, food coloring, or sugar

Passionate for all things creative

Speaks too quickly when nervous and/or excited

Can't function without morning coffee

Notorious night owl

Right + left brained, almost equally

Introverted extrovert

Bold, robust, smokey red wine

Tacos . Mac n' Cheese . Dumplings   = weakness

Spice cake . milk chocolate . mint . caramel = happiness


As a designer, I like to go beyond the typical ‘decorator’ role.

Services always include a  little extra event guidance when needed, as well as vendor referrals to help you have the best planning experience possible.

I often include handcrafted details and custom touches in each project, 

as this adds a bit of personality and a one-of-a-kind decor installation.


It begins with your inspiration photos, Pinterest boards, and an event details form provided to allow a more thorough idea of estimation for the quoting process. Every project is approached from the clients perspective - your personal style and overall vision is important; the quote is a framework review, and just the initial stages of the design plan that will ultimately be executed for your event.
Leading up to your event date, the design plan begins to unfold.

Creative ideas, inspirations, and projects commence - typically involving tools, paint, and other mixed media.

An action plan is formulated, vendors involved in design processes are communicated, and your design plan nears the final stages of installation.

There is a great deal of faith and trust involved when asking someone to design your event,

when you hire Mosaic Party - you hire creative expertise, dedication, and passion.

Your vision is where is all begins - and adapting that vision into the final design plan is the objective every step of the way.

Lets bring your vision to life!


While always available for support and event guidance along the way,

communications will typically occur the most during the initial quoting stages ,

and then in the last 8 weeks before the event date.

Below is an idea of how the process unfolds from start to finish:

1. A quote request is made, and an Event Details Form is filled out

2. An estimate is provided, along with ideas for add-on's and/or budget savings

3. Your event date is secured with a 50% non-refundable deposit and Service Agreement

4. An initial design plan is drafted and ideas are formulated for custom details

5. A consultation and in-person meeting is planned to review the decor outline  

6. Subcontracted services, rentals, and/or purchases are made to implement the plan

7. Vendors such as florists are contacted to ensure smooth design coordination

8. Vision and inspiration boards are created to communicate the mood of your decor plan

9. Final payment is processed 30 days prior to the event date

10. Special decor ideas and creative projects start to unfold and take action

11. Event date and installation commences!

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