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Inspiration Photoshoot 2015

Enveloped in a watery sunset, this stunning golden hour was perfect for a photo shoot. Inspiration drawn from the sandy shores of an Okanagan beach.  This tablescape incorporates elements of leather, lace, beach wood, and Jadeite to bring harmony in natural elements as the water reflects around the partially submerged table.

Our models, in simple summer neutral and adorned with leather, wooden jewelry, and feather details; clean and unburdened from modern fashion. 

Photography:          Alisha Khan Photography
Decor & Styling:     Mosaic Party & Event Design
Florals:                     Tangerine Orchid    

Make-Up:                Amana Beauty

Feather Earrings:   Hidden Rainbow  

Models:                   Axiana Solstice

                                 Peter McLeod