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learn more about our all-inclusive packages



Elopements are planned with up to 12-20 guests depending on the package. We try to ensure these packages embody the true meaning of 'eloping' - giving you and your fiance the ultimate private wedding experience with just a couple key guests. 


Pop-Up Weddings are generally 75-90 minute long wedding sessions - depending on the venue and date. They offer the opportunity to invite up to 20 guests and include everything outlined in the package. The idea is to share one wedding date (and the subsequent costs of vendors) with other couples who will be getting married on the same day. Each couple scheduled in dedicated time-slots.  Dates for these packages will appear from time-to-time and are booked on a first-come-first-serve bases. They include a simple bubbly toast and some wedding cake to share with guests, but won’t include any other nibbles or beverage options. The pop-up wedding is meant to be short and sweet; allowing you to get married, have a short celebration with your guests following the vows, and then move onto whatever celebrations you choose elsewhere.

Micro Weddings are generally 3-4 hours long, depending on the date and/or venue option selected. It allows you to celebrate with up to 40 guests with a ceremony + cocktail hour structure. These packages include canapes/appetizers, and venue-depending…drink options. There will be time to celebrate, have a couples photo session, and include some wedding traditions (if you want) like a first dance and/or speeches.

This an adventure! All you need to worry about is your personal 'look' and attire. These all-inclusive packages are meant to reduce the stress of planning details, so we handle everything outlined. You will have the opportunity to plan your vows and select your ceremony format, as well as make song choices for your ceremony music. And with Micro & Intimate Wedding packages you will have opportunity to select menu options and be more involved with the party music. All the decor and design concepts are custom designed by Mosaic Party and will be stylish and imaginative - no two wedding dates are the same. 




All couples will be provided a time to arrive. It is important that you communicate to guests of the appropriate arrival times, especially for pop-up wedding dates. With traditional weddings, guests often arrive much earlier than anticipated to get their bearings - with pop-up and micro weddings, you may be sharing the day with other couples who are scheduled in other times surrounding your own wedding, therefore it is important to respect the scheduled time-frames to allow smooth production of each couples wedding.

We start our wedding days at 10:00 am, and run multiple sessions throughout the day with some time between each session to regroup, refresh, and reset the decor and details. 

When you fill out our contact inquiry form, you will be asked what time of day you prefer to host your wedding. We cant guarantee a time slot as we operate on a first come, first serve basis - but will do our best . We consider each couples time preference and will be scheduling weddings based on order of booking, and our own scheduling requirements with vendors.


  • 10:00 am - 11:15 am

  • 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

  • 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

  • 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm

Micro Weddings and Intimate Weddings that have more than one couple booked in the day will be planned accordingly, in similar fashion, with fewer time slots available, and more time in-between weddings. 



Pop-Up Weddings + Elopements: Each ceremony is an intimate experience for our couples; an elopement style ceremony with just the couple and the officiant at the 'altar'. Guests will be seated comfortably to witness the event. To maintain the intimate ambiance, and reduce confusion, we ask all couples to refrain from including a 'wedding party', best man and/or maid of honor.

Micro + Intimate Weddings: We request and recommend you consider a best man and maid of honor, but refrain from additional wedding party members. The reason for these guidelines is to keep the ceremonies intimate, and offer us a chance to manage the timeline of your wedding to then best of our ability. More wedding party attendants generally means more people to manage

Overall, You will have an opportunity to select your music/songs of choice for the ceremony, and you will be supplied with links to choose your vows and ceremony format - so there it will still be plenty of personal touches to make it 'yours' and unique.


Once your wedding time-frame is over, we request all couples and their guests, please make plans off the venue property and plan to move on from there immediately following their wedding sessions. This is to respect the venue and vendors, as well as other couples and their guests to ensure confusion on-site is limited between weddings.

You can plan the rest of your day however you want. Some couples like to spend it quietly and romantically with just one another, while others plan a lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant. It may also be an opportunity for you to plan a larger evening wedding reception elsewhere with more guests - using the pop-up or micro wedding as 'warm-up' with just a few selected guests.




All vendors are pre-selected for each package. You are welcome to hire other vendors, but will need to ensure it is arranged around your booked time with us, and in another location. 


Because the arrival time for your wedding is a limited window (see 'How Does The Time Frame Work?'), if you are hiring a hair & make-up artist, you will need to book a session in their studio, or in a location outside of the venue. 

If there is a vendor you want to include that we don't supply (such as a videographer), we can discuss the options to ensure your package and day is complete. We can either recommend someone or work with your preferred choice so they understand how our time-frames need to flow.


Check out some of the participating vendors listed here, on the 'All-Inclusive Wedding Packages' page. These vendors are all affiliates and partners in the event industry – professionals we trust and work well with. Because we like to be prepared for scheduling hiccups, and have a large network of industry friends that we like to share the referral love in our community – some of the vendor cast might change from one scheduled wedding the next. We will be sure to detail the participating vendors with each package outline.

Please note: most all communications about the wedding dates will be made through Mosaic Party. In some cases we will put you in direct communication with a vendor to sort out customized options. However, if you reach out to other vendors directly directly, please do not be alarmed if they guide you back to us for any questions or inquiries about the date you have selected to marry on. Most of these vendors are being sub-contracted through us and do not know the details we have planned.

You will need to provide a marriage license. This needs to be purchased in advance, but done worry, we will provide you a link when you fill out our details form upon booking.
Don’t forget your rings, your guests, and love in your heart.  We will handle the rest! Just arrived dressed and ready to wed!



Your wedding package is complete with personal flowers that you get to keep.  This includes a choice of a bouquet + boutonniere, or two of the same for same-sex couples (ie: boutonniere + boutonniere, or bouquet + bouquet). For Micro and Intimate Wedding Packages, we also include am additional bouquet and/or boutonniere for best men and maid of honor (or any combination of the one attendant on each side).


  • Fill out an inquiry with our dedicated Contact Form 

  • Finalize and book your package. This will entail signing a service agreement, making a payment in full, and completing another form that provides you with important links to select your vows, choose your songs, select your canape/appetizer choices (micro weddings), and reviewing the necessary details for your honeymoon stay.

  • We will set up a consultation to review all the details you have provided, answer any further questions, provide you with links and information for your honeymoon stay (if applicable), and offer vendor referrals for attire, hair, make-up, or videographer (if desired) 

  • We will follow-up the week before the big date to re-cap everything, and provide you with a time-line.

    • If the couple wants a traditional entrance (meeting at the aisle) - we will work your timeline to ensure you check in separately and get your fiancé in place at the altar.

  • You arrive on the day, at the assigned time, dressed to wed, with love in your heart and a smile on your face.


Some of the packages for 2019 (such as Micro + Intimate Weddings) include amazing honeymoon accommodations in Mexico. And some of our other packages offer the opportunity to add one of these accommodation packages onto their invoice at an amazing price.

  • For each pop-up, micro, or intimate wedding booked in 2019 Mosaic Party will donate $250 to the Sweet Smiles Society 

  • Sweet Smiles is a charity that builds and sponsors orphanages and housing for children and families in Mexico.

  • Sweet Smiles also assists families and those in need, more locally - they sponsor, donate, and volunteer for many worthy fundraisers and organizations in the Okanagan.

  • Mosaic Party assists with the Sweet Smiles annual gala each year.

  • Honeymoon packages are booked by Mosaic Party, and made available with the courtesy of Sweet Smiles Society and their membership with a private residency program.


  • Pop-up weddings + elopements do not include a honeymoon stay in the package - however, we will offer you the opportunity to add one to your package for an incredible price. 

  • Micro wedding packages include a 1-week honeymoon stay.

    • Booking the vacation is not mandatory however, couples cannot opt out of the vacation in lieu of reduced package price.

    • In cases where couples do not book a vacation week, Mosaic Party will make an additional donation to Sweet Smiles Society

  • The vacation must be booked at the time of your service agreement contract or couples risk losing the opportunity.

  • Honeymoons must be booked for the couple only. Add-on options for 2-bedroom suite upgrades are available, should you have family or friends you wish to travel and stay with.

  • Your preferred dates are not guaranteed - however, we will do our best to offer alternative suggestions and/or dates


  • The Grand Mayan Hotel at the exclusive Vidanta Resort - in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico


  • Dates are available between Sept 6th 2019 through Dec 15th 2019

    • ​This is the end of rainy/storm season and the beginning of the 'dry' season. Flights are usually the most reasonably priced in this time-frame, temperatures are typically hot and beautiful, and tourist season​ is just getting under way so it's not too crowded



  • We can provide you with a professional floor--plan and links for the resort and hotel, along with videos and photos we personally have taken during one of our stays at this very hotel and resort. Trust us...its nice!

  • Your suite includes:

    • Master bedroom with king-sized bed, sitting area & patio access, television, and in-room Jacuzzi tub

    • Luxurious bathroom, with large walk-in shower, double vanity, and water closet

    • Open-concept living room with television, dining area, and kitchen.

    • Private patio with plunge pool


  • This is not an all-inclusive resort. You will be responsible for groceries, eating out, drinks, and all incidentals.

  • Vidanta (Nuevo Vallarta) is lavish and luxurious with well-appointed pools, beach access, walking trails, entertainment, restaurants, shops, and more. The resort boasts multiple luxury hotels (all part of the Vidanta group) and stunning landscaped grounds - each with their own set of pools and amenities that you are welcome to explore during your stay.



  • Flights, traveling costs, and incidentals are not included.  

  • Transportation is not included, however your vacation booking provides a shuttle transport from the airport to the resort for check-in.

  • Resort fee's may apply and are the sole responsibility of the guest. They are typically calculated per person, per day.

  • The resort may apply an automated donation fee for a local charity. You are welcome to decline this fee (it is NOT mandatory).

  • Vidanta group may approach guests upon check-in to sign up for a private residency presentation. The presentation will include a free buffet on the resort property and will take 1-3 hours of your vacation time if you choose to participate. This is not mandatory and is optional - you are a guest of an existing owner and need not participate. If you DO participate in the presentation you will be privy to things like...

    • A discount (a minimum of 10​%) on your final check-out billing. Since your entire stay, and everywhere you do in the resort (including groceries, drinks, restaurants, purchases, ect.) can be billed to your room...it adds up!

    • 50% off your resort fees

    • Cash options and free shuttle service to airport after check-out

    • Discounts and freebies all over the resort

    • And more... if you negotiate it

  • ​​Mosaic Party & Event Design does not benefit (financially or otherwise) from your participation, purchases, or activities during your vacation.