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JUNE 3RD 2015

Kathy + Chad

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What can I say, other than this day was magic from the start to end of day when the most amazing sunset hovered over the Okanagan! Chad & Kathy let White Willow Photography & Mosaic Party style their BC Elopement into a full-scale photoshoot complete with a 'live' dinner party in the woods. This enchanted woodland elopement captured our hearts and so many amazing vendors came on board to participate. This couple is the most adventurous couple ever - climbing cliffs in wedding attire to shoot at waterfalls and eating in the middle of the woods so we could capture the right feeling. Perfection!

Photography: White Willow Photography
Video & Film: The Film Factory
Decor & Design: Mosaic Party & Event Design
Hair & Make-Up: Missy Mackintosh
Florals: Tangerine Orchid

Graphic & Print: Ginger Creative
Cake: Kaleena Cakes

Dessert Sides: Melissa Toth Pasty Consultant

Catering: Bliss Bakery - Kelowna
Officiant: Marjolien Lloyd