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contract for weddings & events 

By completing this Service Agreement, signing client(s) accept all terms and policies outlined in each section below. Client(s) signing this agreement will hereby authorize Mosaic Party & Event Design, to execute and commence with services outlined in the invoice provided and understand all Service Agreement policies correlate to those services accordingly. In the event of dispute, Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves full rights to refer to this agreement and the last invoice recorded as ‘sent’ to the client(s). The agreement terms below may refer to the service provider as ‘Mosaic Party’ – by signing this agreement, client(s) accept this with understanding that it refers to its full registered name Mosaic Party & Event Design.

(previous revision saved on file for

all contracts signed prior to this date)


  • Unless specified in written consent by Mosaic Party & Event Design, a minimum 50% payment is required towards the balance reflected on any invoice or estimate to secure services.

  • An event date, and any subsequent services or packages outlined on the invoice or estimate, is not considered scheduled or valid without a minimum of 50% payment.

  • The 50% payment towards the balance is considered non-refundable.

  • Additional payments can be made at any time.

  • Any payments made, including the initial payment to secure services and any additional payments made during the contract duration will be considered non-refundable in the event of cancellation by either the client or Mosaic Party & Event Design.

  • Any and all remaining balances are due at least 30 days prior to an event date.

  • A reminder will be sent to all client(s) for final payment, however it is the client(s) responsibility to follow payment deadlines without prompting.

  • Failure to adhere to the payment schedule may render scheduled services null & void.

  • Payments can be made by e-transfer to: mosaicpartyandevent@gmail.com

  • In some cases, invoices will have the option to pay by credit card, or other forms of electronic payment.

  • For security protection, credit card and electronic payments noted about will be at the data entry control of the client(s).

  • Credit card payments may result in a 2.9% + .30 processing fee on final invoice of Mosaic Party

  • Under review of circumstances for any cancellation by either the client and/or Mosaic Party, any refund considerations will be at the sole discretion of Mosaic Party & Event Design.

  • In instances of cancellation, the 50% payment provided to secure an estimate, invoice and/or service will be retained by Mosaic Party & Event Design; any additional payments made against the invoice balance will be reviewed for refund at the sole discretion of Mosaic Party & Event Design. Please see section for ‘Cancellation Policies’ in correlation.


  • In the event of a postponement for the scheduled event date, Mosaic Party & Event Design will not guarantee availability for the revised date.

  • If available for a revised date change, invoice dates will be adjusted accordingly and re-sent to client.

  • Any deposits and/or payments made towards the initial contract/date will be valid for one year (365 days) following the original scheduled event date and will not be subject to refunds for any reason.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design cannot guarantee the same package and/or service price for any dated postponement. A review may be required at the discretion of Mosaic Party and Event Design.

  • In the event of full cancellation, or if Mosaic Party & Event Design is not available for a requested date change, the 50% payment, and any/all additional payments, made will be considered non-refundable. Please see Payment Terms.

  • Request for postponements must be made at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event date.

  • Any postponement made within 30 days of the scheduled event date will be considered a cancellation within 30 days.

  • A minimum 30 day notice prior to the scheduled event date is required for all cancellations.

  • Cancellation made within 30 days of a scheduled event date will be subject to full and final balance of invoice without refund. Any outstanding balances will be due.

  • Third party cancellations are not accepted, but will be taken into consideration at the discretion of Mosaic Party & Event Design. Confirmation of cancellation must be made by one (or both) client(s) signing this agreement.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves all rights to cancel this agreement and/or services should a contract not be adhered to and/or followed by the client(s). 

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design will notify clients of cancellation by email, outlining any issues resulting in the decision. All decisions will be considered final, without contest.

  • In the event of Mosaic Party cancelling an agreement and/or services, any payments made towards an invoice balance will not be applicable for refund, and the final outstanding balance may be due.


  • Mosaic Party & Event Design does not supply rentals or offer specific and/or individual decor pieces. Any decor outlined in our services is offered in pre-planned inclusive packages, and by doing so we are able to keep our services PST exempt.

  • Clients may not require, or want, all items and décor outlined in the services and/or packages. Removing items and/or requesting revisions will not change pricing of the package.

  • Revisions of a package or service – and any discounts or pricing adjustments are at the sole discretion of Mosaic Party & Event Design.

  • Pricing outlined in packages is determined by (but not limited to) guest count an size of event, scale and/or style of installation plans, involvement and expertise of Mosaic Party & Event Design, communications and preparation time & planning, and any purchases or sub-contracted services arranged to execute a design plan.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to adjust package descriptions – while maintaining the same level of service outline offered and/or scheduled.


  • By hiring Mosaic Party & Event Design, client(s) provide full authorization for Mosaic Party to implement and install design plans created with for the scheduled event.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design will always take the client(s) vision and inspiration into consideration for each design plan, however client(s) must understand Mosaic Party may take liberties in final execution and will not directly replicate other designer or decorators work provided in inspiration photos during planning communications.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves all rights to update, adjust, implement, take action, or make leading decisions on all design plans to be installed and executed.

  • Mosaic Party reserves the right to replace product or designs previously outlined with the client with for alternate and/or similar solutions in cases of unforeseen product unavailability or shipment delays.

  • Mosaic Party reserves all rights to obtain and contract third-party rentals, decorators, or assistants to implement a design plan.

  • On site, Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to withhold or adjust a design plan deemed to be a hazard due to unforeseen venue restrictions, access, and/or weather concerns. Refunds for last minute decisions due to such circumstances will be at the sole discretion of Mosaic Party.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to excuse family members or guests from a site during installation and take-down providing the events start to finish time are not in effect. This is for the safety of guests, as well as production needs of vendors.

  • In cases of sub-rented deliveries that Mosaic Party & Event Design has assisted in coordination (such as chairs) – all conditions of contract between the client(s) and said company apply and are not the responsibility of Mosaic Party.


  • Cancellations or invoice and/or service adjustments are not accepted by third party communications.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design will maintain control of all design and installation plans as outlined by the invoice, and/or authorized by the venue, and does not accept third party requests or suggestions.

  • Except in cases of third party financial assistance (payments made towards invoice by someone other than client), third party involvement or communications is not accepted by Mosaic Party & Design. Only the client(s) signing this agreement will be communicated with regarding hired services and/or design plans.

  • All disputes and/or requests made from third party financial supporters, must be communicated solely between the client(s) and said financial supporters.

  • In the event of dispute or complaint, Mosaic Party & Event Design will not communicate about the subject with a third party member unless legally appointed by the client(s).


  • All product is assessed during installation, and following take-down, for damage.

  • Client(s) are accountable for all damage or missing items deemed by Mosaic Party & Event Design as incurred during an event.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to use third party assistance for set-up and take-down. In cases of missing and/or damaged items, the account of the assistant(s) will be taken into consideration, however it is ultimately the Mosaic Party’s decisions to deem whether the damage and/or missing items is the clients responsibility.

  • Any/all damaged or missing items will be invoiced following an event. Immediate payment within 14 days is required.

  • In cases of dispute, Mosaic Party & Event Design’s decision will be considered final, and client(s) will be referred back to the signature of this agreement and this section of the terms and policies.


  • In cases of events occurring off reputable venue properties, clients are responsible for providing a safe and accessible work site, free from dangerous hazards, human interference, or animal distractions.

  • In cases of undisclosed and/or unforeseen access issues for unloading or hauling décor (such as long walks, unkempt pathways, staircases, hillsides, ect), Mosaic Party & Event Design will provided an updated invoice following the event for additional effort and/or timing spent in transporting materials to execute event design plans. This will be billed at $125/hour, at a minimum of 1 hour and in increments rounded up to the next half hour for both installation and take-down.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design - in conjunction with venue requests and/or decisions – have final say of any and all installations that may pose hazard or risk of damage to person(s) or property.

  • In cases of weather – unforeseen, or unplanned for – Mosaic Party & Event Design will follow the venue’s final decision for outdoor installations and/or back-up weather plans over and above the client(s) desire or requests.

  • Event décor is installed and placed only when deemed safe to do so. Mosaic Party & Event Design cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen weather, wind gusts, or other venue functions occurring after installation.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design is not accountable for décor that disengages, dismantles, falls, or otherwise comes out of place during an event for any reasons. Client(s) signing this agreement hereby accept that any damage to person(s) or property is not the responsibility of Mosaic Party & Event Design.


  • It is the client(s) responsibility to provide accurate event information such as dates, times, names, contact information, and other pertinent details.

  • Client(s) may use and/or share social media posts from Mosaic Party & Event Design or participating vendors subcontracted by Mosaic Party, and are responsible for ensuring tags and/or mentions are clearly used when doing so. Client(s) may not share and/or use materials without mention.

  • Client(s) must adhere to all contract terms and are responsible for payments, site access, and any other policies outlined in this agreement.


  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to photograph events and use for social media and promotional, website or other media.

  • All inspiration/mood boards, collaborations, and design plans are owned by Mosaic Party & Event Design. In cases of vendor change after Mosaic Party’s services have been contracted, clients found to share communications and/or design material with new the newly hired vendor, or vendors they are requesting quotes from may be held accountable.


  • In the event of disagreement or complaint on the client(s) behalf, all issues must be addressed, in writing and/or email, within 72 hours following the event.

  • Disagreements and complaints will only be handled directly between the client(s) and Mosaic Party & Event Design. Third party complaints or involvement will not be accepted.

  • For Mosaic Party to review any complaint, it must be addressed without emotional prejudice and stated only with first-person facts of the occurrence resulting in disagreement or complaint.

  • Failure to provide a clear, unemotional outline in writing, and within 72 hours, will result in the client(s) forfeiting any right to a follow-up or review of the matter.

  • The client hereby agrees they will not disparage Mosaic Party & Event Design - or any affiliates, partners, assistants, or sub-contracted vendors - on social media or other public forums and outlets.

  • Failure to adhere to the non-disparagement term noted above, for any reason or complaint, may result in legal action for the potential damage of company’s reputation, and any potential income loss resulting in public sharing.


  • Floral coordination, as offered in some packages, may be sub-contracted through an affiliate florist and/or partnering vendor.

  • For floral ingredient ordering and scheduling of floral design services, all floral coordination details outlined on an invoice will be considered final 6 weeks prior to an event date.

  • Any adjustments, revisions, or requests for change regarding floral design will not be guaranteed in the last 6 weeks prior to an event date.

  • If floral coordination is packaged with design and décor services with Mosaic Party & Event Design, it is client(s) responsibility to follow-up with floral adjustments or review prior to the 6 week deadline.

  • The florist may, or may not be directly involved with direct communications with the client(s). While client inspiration(s) are taken into consideration, Mosaic Party & Event Design maintains full design rights for floral as outlined on the invoice and/or packages.

  • Pricing offered to Mosaic Party by the florist may not reflect pricing the client(s) would otherwise receive if working with the florist directly.

  • Pricing of florals may not be shared with the client(s). Mosaic Party reserves the right to cushion and/or round up (or down) the costs of floral billing provided by the florist for design purposes and control of design budget within the amount outlined on the invoice.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to order additional arrangements, pieces and floral décor other than what the client(s) directly requested. The budgeting outline for this will not be offered to the client and is determined by the overall design and décor package budgeting.


  • Day of Coordination, as offered in some packages, may be sub-contracted through an affiliate or partnering vendor / company.

  • In the event of conflict, availability, or booking issues, Mosaic Party & Event Design may choose to manage the Day-Of Coordination themselves, in conjunction with assistance.

  • Day of Coordination services may vary slightly with different partners, and will be reflected in the package outline on the clients invoice.

  • Additional or add-on services requested of the Day-of Coordinator (over/above services offered in package and invoice outline) may result in additional charges, and in some cases a separate invoice from said Coordinator.

  • The name of any sub-contracted Coordinator will be openly shared with the client(s), and introductions will be made accordingly.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design may participate in meetings between the Coordinator and client(s) and will maintain communications with said coordinator throughout the event planning process.

  • Client(s) may be required to sign a separate contract and/or agreement with the sub-contracted coordinator.

  • All agreements, and policies outlined by a sub-contracted Coordinator apply to the client(s), and will absolve Mosaic Party & Event Design from any potential conflict, communication issues, or concerns

  • Communications directly involving any Day-Of Coordination services will be handled by the sub-contracted Coordinator accordingly.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design will remain a third party to assist both the client(s) and the Coordinator as needed.

  • When and as it applies to design or decor plans, it is the client(s) responsibility to ensure Mosaic Party is up-to-date on changes, communications, and information shared with the Coordinator.

Agreement Terms

The client(s) hereby agrees to all conditions, terms, and policies outlined in this document. By signing this agreement, the client(s) acknowledge that all information provided to Mosaic Party & Event Design regarding the event to be accurate and true. All payments are agreed to be provided on time and in correlation with the Payment Terms in this agreement. The client(s) hereby authorizes Mosaic Party & Event Design to commence services as outlined on the invoice provided in conjunction with this agreement contract.