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contract for micro weddings

By completing this Service Agreement, the signing client(s) accept all terms and policies outlined in each section below.

Client(s) signing this agreement will hereby authorize Mosaic Party & Event Design to execute and commence with services outlined in the invoice provided and understand all Service Agreement policies correlate to those services accordingly.

In the event of dispute, Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves full rights to refer to this agreement and the last invoice recorded as ‘sent’ to the client(s). Furthermore, the agreement terms below may refer to the service provider as ‘Mosaic Party’ - by signing this agreement, client(s) accept this with understanding that it refers to its full registered name Mosaic Party & Event Design.


  • All-Inclusive Micro Wedding packages include everything outlined on the invoice and Booking Form. Vendors and all outlined services are provided by Mosaic Party & Event Design. Outside vendors are not permitted unless otherwise approved.The Booking Form will be provided to all client(s) during the invoicing and Service Agreement process. This form will outline event structure, inclusions, vendors, timelines, recommendations, and options for personalizing the event.

  • All-inclusive Micro Weddings are pre-packaged events, structured and formatted by Mosaic Party & Event Design. Options are available, but limited, and under the control and authorization of Mosaic Party & Event Design. These packages must be accepted as offered and are not adjustable.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design offers two (2) Micro Wedding packages:

    1. Cocktail Reception - 4 hour evening-focused cocktail reception with alcoholic and dancing options, and

    2. Afternoon Social - 3 hour afternoon social with non-alcoholic beverages

  • Micro Weddings allow up to 40 guests, including the bride, groom and any children over 3 years old.

  • To maintain scheduling, costs, and production needs, wedding parties are limited to 1 attendant on each side + the couple.

  • Clients are responsible for applying for, and bringing a marriage license

  • In some instances, a booked Micro Wedding date may allow 2 separate weddings (at separate time frames) on the same day; sharing the same space, with the vendors and décor. These weddings will allow ample time between for each group to enjoy without conflict, will be addressed with each client ahead of time, and may offer special pricing promotions at time of booking.


  • Micro Weddings range between 3-4 hours in duration, depending on the package selected (see above).

  • Timelines are outlined and created by Mosaic Party & Event Design, along with venue and vendor collaboration. Schedules provided must be adhered to, in order to allow smooth production and event flow, as well as in consideration for other groups and couples.

  • Client(s) are responsible for relaying the unique timing of their booked package to guests ahead of time.

  • Due to possible multiple bookings at the venue on same date, it is critical all guests and couples adhere to the schedule provided out of consideration for couples celebrating before or after them.

  • Micro Weddings scheduled to run on the same date will provide ample time in between each wedding to allow vendors to re-set and welcome the next group.


  • Vendors and all services outlined in each package are selected and sub-contracted by Mosaic Party & Event Design

  • A complete vendor list will be outlined on a Booking Form provided at the time of contract

  • Unless otherwise encouraged, all communications and event production plans should be directed soley to Mosaic Party & Event Design to avoid conflict and confusion between vendors.

  • Outside vendors are not permitted. If hired by the client for personal reasons, all business and contracts with those vendors must be conducted away from the venue and outside of the scheduled time-frame of each participating couple in our production day.

  • Client(s) may be subject to additional invoices from vendors (including the venue) for services, fees, damage, or products requested that are not provided or outlined in the invoice and Booking Form with Mosaic Party & Event Design.

  • The client(s) may be responsible for supplying a valid credit card to a venue where catering and/or bar and beverage services are offered for their event.


  • All Micro Weddings include a licensed officiant to oversee the ceremony and legal paperwork. The officiant is selected and chosen by Mosaic Party & Event Design. Client(s) are welcome to hire, pay for, and contract their own celebrant in lieu without reimbursement or discount.

  • Client(s) are responsible for supplying their own marriage license. This needs to be applied for ahead of time and all details will be provided in the Booking Form.

  • For timing and event management, all Micro Weddings consist of just the couple and 2 attendants (total), and the officiant at the ‘alter’.

  • Client(s) are able to pre-select a wedding format and ceremony style, including the option to personalize vows and include traditions, for their wedding. The selection must be submitted to the officiant ahead of time. Options, examples, and all details are provided in the Booking Form.

  • If traditions or personalized requests require props or additional items, the client is responsible for supplying these items in advance. All items must be ready to use; all labels, stickers, and other packaging materials must be removed ahead of time.

  • Clients are responsible for supplying their own rings, and/or any other items required for their vows.

  • If a ceremony format, including vows, are not pre-selected and/or submitted in advance (as outlined in the Booking Form provided), one will be selected on the clients’ behalf by the officiant overseeing the wedding ceremony.


  • All decor, design, styling, and event day installations are at the sole discretion and imagination of Mosaic Party & Event Design and/or partnering vendors.

  • Each package includes a welcome/entrance display, dessert table display, ceremony backdrop, mixed cocktail and seated tables with linens and centerpieces, and other accents.

  • Colour palette and decor style of client(s) is taken into consideration. Specific décor requests are not guaranteed.

  • Clients may supplied personal items requiring limited installation (such as guest book or a few selected framed photos). Items must be provided at least 24 hours in advance to Mosaic Party & Event Design and taken at the end of the event.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves all rights in design and decor execution.


  • All micro wedding packages include personal flowers for each partner to hold and/or wear, and keep.

  • Couples will receive either a bouquet + boutonniere, or two of the same for same-sex couples, as well as bouquets and/or boutonnieres for each attendant.

  • Bouquets will be modest and elegant and may not fully represent size and scale of inspiration photos shared with Mosaic Party & Event Design and/or the florist involved.  

  • While the client(s) are offered opportunity to discuss floral likes/dislikes and colour preferences, floral design and bloom selections will be at the discretion of the contracted florist for the event.

  • The Micro Wedding package will include additional floral decor in the design plans, at the discretion of Mosaic Party & Event Design.


  • Micro Weddings include a DJ for ceremony and either social hour or cocktail reception celebrations.

  • Couples are required to pre-select 3 ceremony songs for their aisle walk, registry signing, and processional as well as 1 song for a first dance. This will be outlined in the Booking Form provided.

  • Style of music for all cocktail receptions will depend on the event mood the client wants to invoke (dance party and/or mingling). Music genre will be discussed with each client, but monitored and managed by the DJ contracted by Mosaic Party & Event Design. 


  • All Micro Wedding packages include a modestly iced/decorated 6”cutting cake, and additional cupcakes for a dessert bar.

  • Couples will be provided an opportunity to select cake and/or filling flavours from a pre-selected and limited list of options provided on the Booking Form

  • Special dietary requests such as gluten-free, dairy sensitivity, or other preferences cannot be guaranteed and may incur additional charges billed directly to the client from the baker.


  • The photographer is selected and sub-contracted in partnership with Mosaic Party & Event Design for all Micro Wedding Packages. The hired photographer will be outlined in the Booking Form.

  • Photography package and inclusions may vary based on the hired photographer.

  • Clients are guaranteed the minimum of what is outlined in the Micro Wedding invoice and Booking Form, such as length of time the photographer supplies and delivery of image types.

  • Photo and content rights are held by the photographer; images cannot be altered, filtered, or edited

  • All photos shared to social media must provide reference to Mosaic Party & Event Design and the photographer providing the service.

  • Client(s) may have opportunity to upgrade and add-on services or products directly through the photographer.

  • Client(s) may be required to sign the photographers’ agreements and contracts.



  • It is the client(s) sole responsibility to understand what their package and venue selection provides in terms of food & beverage. Please refer to the invoice, outlines, and Booking Form for details of inclusions and selections offered.

  • All Micro Wedding packages include a sparkling toast for each guest. Afternoon Socials will provide a non-alcoholic option, while an evening Cocktail Reception may offer alcoholic options.

  • Cocktail Reception packages (venue-depending) may offer up to 2 drink tickets per guest for bar service. This will be outlined in your invoice and package outline.

  • Cocktail Reception packages (venue-depending) may offer canapes, appetizers, or food stations. Pre-determined menu options will be provided to clients based on the package outline. Additional requests and/or add-ons may be billed directly to the client by the venue catering department and subject to taxes, fees, and gratuities.

  • Afternoon Social packages offer casual mixed bakery goods, purchased and supplied by Mosaic Party & Event Design. Options are selected based on availability on the day of pick-up at the bakery. Special requests and/or selections are not available to the client. Dietary restrictions will not be taken into consideration. It is client and guest responsibility to refrain from participating in anything that may reduce, or risk, their health should there be concern.

  • Venue and package depending, additional baked goods may be supplied at the discretion of Mosaic Party & Event Design. Dietary restrictions are not taken into consideration; it is client and guest responsibility to refrain from participating in anything that may reduce or risk their health should there be concern.

  • Outside food and/or beverage is not permitted unless otherwise discussed and noted on invoice. 


Important Note: Micro Wedding packages budget for the costs of all vendors and services outlined. However, a venue supplying catering and/or beverage services can only be estimated until the venues final billing process following an event. For this reason, Mosaic Party & Event Design will only pay for, and be held responsible for, the venues initial estimated quote for all items outlined in the Micro Wedding invoice and Booking Form. This will include any estimated taxes, gratuities, and fees quoted by the venue at time of booking. Clients will be accountable for the venue’s final billing process which may involve a refund and/or additional charges for service fees and details not outlined in Mosaic Party & Event Designs packages.


  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to open and start a contract / estimate with a venue for all Micro Weddings that are booked and secured by client(s) signing this agreement.

  • Client(s) will be required to provide a valid credit card for the venue to retain until after the event.

  • Venue contracts will be created in the clients name and all terms and acknowledgements with that venue must be agreed, and adhered, to by the client(s).

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design will pay the venue directly for all pre-determined items quoted and subsequently outlined at the time of Booking. Any, and all, additional costs incurred beyond this amount will be the client(s) sole responsibility.

  • Venues with a bar spending minimum requirement will often have a service fee that is applied after the event, should that minimum requirement not be met through event sales. Mosaic Party & Event Design is not responsible for this fee, or any other fees applied by the venue after the initial quote and outline provided at the time of booking. All final charges and billings are the client(s) sole responsibility.

  • In the event of disagreement, Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to provide record of the initial quote created by the hired venue, which outlines and breaks down all items requested for the Micro Wedding package. In all cases, this initial estimate will act as proof of payment responsibility by Mosaic Party & Event Design - for only the amount shown on the estimate - without contestation from the client(s).

  • Clients must thoroughly review all contract outlines with the venue to understand any additional fees that may be charged following an event, such as gratuities, taxes, and additional charges for damage or other event productions not provided and/or outlined on the invoice or Booking Form for the Micro Wedding package with Mosaic Party & Event Design.

  • Venue services, special requests, add-ons, and products (including additional taxes, fees, and/or gratuities) not outlined and supplied by Mosaic Party & Event Design in the Booking Form and invoice may incur charges to the client(s) and directly charged by the venue.

  • The client is 100% responsible for any and all damage incurred to a venue and/or site location by guest activity during the event.



  • Unless otherwise approved by with Mosaic Party & Event Design, payment in full is due upon booking a Micro Wedding package.

  • Event date, and/or preferred time schedule (if applicable), are not guaranteed without payment in full.

  • Payments and/or deposits are non-refundable.

  • All payments can be made by electronic (email) transfer to: mosaicpartyandevent@gmail.com

  • Credit Card options may be available upon request and are subject to a 2.9% +.30 cent fee


  • Cancellations must be documented and/or confirmed by email submission.

  • Cancellations must be made by at least one client signing this agreement.

  • Third party cancellations are not accepted.

  • Special circumstances may be taken into consideration. Postponement of event date does not guarantee payment transfer to a future Micro Wedding or other services offered by Mosaic Party & Event Design or its participating vendors and/or venue.

  • All payments and deposits are non-refundable if cancellation occurs. In light of special circumstances and Acts of God, Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to review a cancellation request - in conjunction with the sub-contracts and obligations with participating vendors - and may offer 0-50% refund. The amount, if any is applicable, will be at the sole discretion of Mosaic Party & Event Design.



  • Third party communications are not accepted.

  • All communications will be handled directly, and only, with a couple booking a Micro Wedding.

  • A Micro Wedding cannot be scheduled or booked by a third party.

  • Signing member(s) of this agreement contract must participate in wedding vows.


  • All product is assessed for damage and wear during installation, and following each micro wedding.

  • Client(s) are accountable for all damage or missing items deemed by Mosaic Party & Event Design as incurred during an event schedule.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to use third party assistance for set-up and take-down. In cases of missing and/or damaged items, the account of the assistant(s) will be taken into consideration, however it is ultimately the Mosaic Party’s decisions to deem whether the damage and/or missing items is the clients responsibility.

  • Any/all damaged or missing items will be invoiced following the event. Immediate payment within 14 days is required.

  • In cases of dispute, Mosaic Party & Event Design’s decision will be considered final, and client(s) will be referred back to the signature of this agreement and this section of the terms and policies.


  • Mosaic Party & Event Design and/or partnered vendors reserve the right to direct and navigate guests as needed to allow effective event productions and scheduling.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design and all partnered vendors reserve the right to photograph each event and use for social media, promotional, website, or other media purposes.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design and partnered vendors retain the right to provide, hire, or use additional services, suppliers, vendors, volunteers, employees and/or assistants (at no additional cost to the client) to execute a pop-up wedding session.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to obtain third party décor, equipment, and rentals as needed to execute a design.

  • Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to update and adjust invoicing formats including: package descriptions, service outlines, and price format. Please note: this would not affect package pricing as quoted, booked, and previously agreed to.

  • In the event of dispute, Mosaic Party & Event Design reserves the right to use its records, communications, and personal knowledge in decisions regarding its event production, affiliates, and partnering vendors - all decisions made by Mosaic Party & Event Design, will be considered final.


The client(s) hereby agree to all conditions, terms, and policies outlined in this document. By signing this agreement, the client(s) acknowledge that all information provided to Mosaic Party & Event Design during the booking process to be accurate and true. All payments are agreed to be provided on time and in correlation with the Payment Terms in this agreement. The client(s) hereby authorize Mosaic Party & Event Design to commence services as outlined on the invoice provided in conjunction with this agreement contract.