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Shanna + Andrew

Shanna + Andrew-71 (900x600)
Shanna + Andrew-67 (600x900)
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Shanna + Andrew-51 (900x600)
Shanna + Andrew-4 (900x600)
Shanna + Andrew-84 (900x600)

What can I say about Shanna, Andrew, and their wedding other then it was a perfect fairytale day?! When planning decor with Shanna, she was so full of inspiration and had complete trust for how I would design their day. We wanted guests to experience the feeling of enchanted woodlands and magical fairytale stories - with forest elements and non-traditional wedding decor, we injected lots of rustic accents and paired it with deep, vibrant colors and romantic storybook-inspired details to bring the couples vision to life. I ljust love how amethyst purple & navy blue came together so perfeclty with all the lush greenery and little magical details that made their wedding day one-of-a-kind.

Photography:  Josh Barnett / Barnett Photography

Decor & Design: Mosaic Party & Event Design

Venue: Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club

Florals: Tangerine Orchid


Cake: Sugar Sweet Cake Co.


DJ: Air Waves