Birthday Parties 101 - Hiring a Professional

June 2, 2014

Costs of food, cake, goody bags, and décor adds up quicker than most parents take time to calculate - let alone the time and energy to put it all together.

On an average day, most parents that I know have this unique, super-human ability in extracting extra production time out of thin air...just to keep life functioning normally. When it comes to your kids birthday - how much extra time do you really have to make it happen the way you envision...without breaking the bank or your sanity?!

The bottom line is this. Planning a birthday party takes a lot of effort, even the simple parties. Not everyone thinks they can afford professional services to help them; those that do - often find it saves time...and believe it or not, in the long run, money!!



Lets face it, most of us have a budget - its a fact of life. But believe it or not, planning that party with an expert CAN be affordable. Look for someone who can customize their services, offering help only where you really need it. Whether its just fun decor or full-out planning and coordination... you want someone who can help with the details you dont have time or knowledge to execute.

For example...
At Mosaic Party & Events,  consultations and collaborations are free. We offer ideas and suggestions and help assess where you can get the most bang for your buck. We have DIY solutions like our Party-in-a-Box option...or we can fully design and implement a theme party from the ground up. We can also customize a service somewhere in-between.

Whatever you do, look for an event specialist who is flexible - the goal is to help you host a party you feel good about while maintaining your sanity. Sometimes even just having someone pull together DIY project ideas, do the research, or make phone calls  is all you need.

Its about how much fun the kids have and not necessarily about hosting a crazy-extravagant party. But...if thats your goal, an event specialist can help you do it without blowing the budget.

In the end, like any other life event....a party should always be planned with a budget. Competition for organizing a unique party for your kid is a growing trend and its easy to get swept up in it. Studies show the average child in Canada attends at least 5 birthday parties a year - which makes it difficult to come up with a unique idea when it rolls around to your party plans. Parents are eager to create new experiences for their little ones, but the costs can be overwhelming.

So implement a budget, write down the basic needs, and ask a planner for some free advice.



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