We're All Mad Here!

A Hatter thats gone made. The beautiful innocent Alice, coming of age. And the artistic chaos of a Tea Party in an enchanted world. The quirks and creativity of styling this fun display left me smiling all day long.

Hot tea. delectable treats. and stories that come to life from mad conversations and the sharing of whimiscal memories in a gorgeous garden on a pre-summer day.​​...it doesnt get more delightful than this!

Whats a Hatter without a stylish hat? With the help of a scarf from my closet (I am an avid scarf collector!) some feathery doodads and fascinators, and dollar-store hair clips, we turned this felt costume top hat into our own masterpiece keepsake

DID YOU KNOW? The infamous 10/6 is actually a price tag? Hatters carried hats for sale and even the one he wore is merchandise to be sold. 'ten and six' refers to ten shillings and sixpence.

A tea party isnt complete without treats! Scones and lush fruit fill antique trays stacked on leather books while teacups nest in precarious stacks with cupcake surprise centers!

Rest is needed after a tea-party as mad as this!

...while Alice contemplates more tea!

Thank you, to all our vendors for your support and to our models, Lucy & Kip for going along with our theme with so much love and playfulness! Photography: Alisha Khan Photography Make-Up: Concealed with a Kiss Alice Outfit: Georgie Girl Vintage Hatter Jacket & Vest: Calowna Costume

#MadHatter #Picnic #TeaTime #GardenParty #HighTea

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