Accepting Your Design Style

For the stylists and designers out there...

It’s easy to get wooed and wowed by the styling of other event designers and party planners. Your social media accounts are likely filled with other event professionals that you follow and admire. And let's face it...seeing their posts and updates may (at times) niggle at you with a secret envious longing to design like them.

Rest-assured… Someone out there thinks the same of your creativity when you post! We are all individuals in a world highly driven by trends and creative genius – which can make it easy to lose ourselves in doubt over our own individual abilities.

The trick is to acknowledge and honor your creative style for what it is. If thematic, exotic, or off-beat displays are your thing...then BE off-beat, exotic, or thematic. If dreamy hues of romance and softness are something you lean towards all means, style-on with pretty romantic details, my beautiful friend.

Personally, I struggle with the latter of those two descriptions. Because I naturally lean towards funky, thematic design styles...when I create something softer (which is very much on trend these days), I go blind to what others see in my work; I ultimately always internally feel as though it’s been done by someone else...someone better....someone naturally driven at designing 'pretty' things. Let me make this clear. Doubt is a bad seed. It stifles our creative side and leaves artists like us in a haze of questions and what-ifs. It's important to remember that we all have our own artistic style; a talent for creating with our own unique perspective.

And while that doesn't mean we should shy away from new design trends or limit ourselves by only designing in styles that we are naturally talented with... it does mean we should be more compassionate and accepting of our own abilities and be willing to broaden our horizons using our talents in new ways.

A successful designer is only as good as their ability to think outside the box; the ability to adapt with trends; and the ability to create something that people want. Accept your style, make it your own and don’t worry about what others are doing/have done/will do. And more importantly, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Try new things! You never know what creative genius you may come up with that will leave others ooohing and ahhing over your talent.

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