When in Doubt...

I've got some pretty fun projects on the go - inspirational photo shoots & collaborations, DIY projects, service developements, and all sorts of exciting things.

And yet in the not-so-far reaches of my mind, I sense doubt lurking in the shadows.

Doubt I've made the right choice to leave the more secure world of J.O.B.

Doubt that I can pull my fair share of earnings for our household. Doubt that my amazing and supportive system be supportive.

Doubt is a funny thing. It can niggle its way into your mind with just a single, momentary, and fleeting thought. It sets up camp, burrowing deep into the production of every processing thought after it, waiting for the right moment to manifest....

Now - let me reinforce that I dont doubt in my creativity...my outside the box thinking.. my never-ending ability to see potential in things I can transform a prop, decor piece, decoration, or party idea. I believe in my abilities and in my artistic nature. Its the success in doing that for a living that I sometimes wonder about. And here's where I need to remember:

Belief in myself, in my own talents & abilities...far outweighs any seed of doubt. Belief in self will win. Every time.

Its power of multiplication is much stronger then doubt. Belief = confidence = strength = excitement…and then comes full circle to belief again. It's self-powering; a proverbial ‘chain’ of momentum. One just has to start the process by owning it. And that is what I shall do!

So....when in doubt? Believe. It's as simple as that!


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