Some things are meant to be...

November 21, 2014

I could hear the confusion in her response. The long pause before she chose to speak was the precursor to it.…and it had given me time to silently scream to myself: “What ARE you doing!!???”

I hung up the phone; questioning my life, my honesty, my integrity… my savings account – what.... had I done??


I had initially made that phone call to formally accept a job and get the details of orientation and scheduling.  A position that would pay well, provide great growth opportunity, and give me some financial stability. And instead of accepting the position., I had stopped (quite literally) mid-sentence, switched gears...and declined the offer.


I was on auto-pilot. One moment I was expressing how excited I was and the next, I heard myself saying “Thank you, but I have to decline the position. Another offer came in that I can’t pass up; an opportunity to work in the event industry - something I have always dreamed of”.

And it had been. . . a dream. One I had fantasized about for years, as I helped friends and family with their event design and hosting plans. 


But everything else I said in that phone conversation was an outright lie.


There was no opportunity. There was no other position.
And I had no idea what made me suggest there was.


But interesting things happen when you give your inner self permission to seek what it really wants. Just prior to that ill-fated phone call,  I had prayed for guidance and support for my path ahead. And while I was now busy cursing myself, I tried to remember faith in what is meant to be. I survived the rest of the day in a muddled phase and tried to have faith.

The next day a new job offer presented itself quite unexpectedly. 

Flash forward one week later - where I found myself starting a new career heading up a showroom for a growing party rental company. I would go on to help create a showroom full of ever-changing displays, consult with clients regarding their events, hire amazing staff, and help grow the business brand and production. 

2006 was a pivotal year for me.

It taught me to trust in all things.

To listen to my heart.

To trust in my intuition.

And to not fight what is meant to be.

Life is short – enjoy what you love and go after it <3


My first Christmas at Classic Party Rentals, we held a cocktail party open-house to showcase the showroom. It was the first time I ever professionally designed anything for an actual event (outside my own celebrations). Of all of the tablescapes from that particular party, this vintage cream one is my favorite. It was a collaboration of products from our retail store, rental inventory we carried, and the works of a local floral artist named Jan Martens (Fragrant Memories). 


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