Shoes, Motivation & Being an Entrepreneur

January 30, 2015


"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!"

~ Marilyn Monroe

That Marilyn was one smart lady. Shoes can make or break you. They are a necessity, made into accessory, and they have the power to take you places. Literally!

So why am I posting a not-so-impressive photo of my feet in a pair of non-descript $5 Walmart sale specials?

It’s simple. As an entrepreneur, there can be the possibility of more unproductive days then one may typically feel in that J. O. B world. The motivation and drive is for ones’ own personal success and it’s easy to 'shluff' off tasks or priorities - especially when working from home! The will and energy must come from within.

Some days, I get dressed up as if I am going to the office I once trekked to every day. And, admittedly, other days I stay in my yoga pants or jammies and a comfy worn-out sweater ALL day - just because I can.

But there is one thing that always seems to get me ready and revs my entrepreneurial engine.... slipping on a pair of shoes.

Think about it.
Foot ware is the one thing we universally all wear when going to work outside of the home (well.. most of us). So on days when I need that extra boost of entrepreneurial mojo, I slip on my cute slipper-like $5 faithful's.  And I get shit done!

Errrr, "stuff"... I get STUFF done!.

Anyways, they are comfortable enough to wear at home. In my yoga pants and sweater. And I still feel like I am "out" there in work land - making plans, creating pretty things, and achieving my goals.

Shoes. Powerful things.













Last summer, I had a client wear these masterpieces in a tea-length wedding gown, on her wedding day. She knew the power of a good shoe! See that more about that couple's special day here: Kim & Tyler .

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