Let Love Shine

March 13, 2015

I look forward to the day when everyone in this industry (that we have all made careers and businesses out of) truly support one another in good times and bad. We, who help clients celebrate love, often do not share the same love for one another. Hurtful words, judgements, or insinuations are too often spread as a means to undermine other fellow peers, whether intentionally or not.

We need to be more mindful. We need to support one another. We need to understand that there is more then enough business to go around. And we need to show by example that we, who bring clients together in loving celebration, should also celebrate one another.  


This week, I have read a lot of hateful words towards a company I once called my second home. I have seen industry peers post frustrations for how others are portraying them. And I have witnessed judgement on others based on personal perception rather then knowledge. I dont know if its fear, jealousy, personality differences, or just a lack confidence that inspires others to judge so critically. Its just not needed. Judgement taints our community with bad insight and negativity.

Is there EVER good reason to judge someone else?!? I personally think not. And even then, I am guilty of it too. I do try to learn as I go, though. And it just seems like so many of us just dont care to try.


Industry friends ~ let's help one another! Give a referral. Share a kind word. Provide inspiration or your knowledge. Stand up as professional and welcome other points of views or styles...without judgement. We each have our own talents and expertise - even if some of us share the same niche in the market. 

And while we all know and believe its about the clients, we need to remember that its also about us too. Our network, our industry, our community of choice. 

Events and life celebrations are joyous occasions filled with love. We need to spread that same love with our industry peers so that we may all shine! 



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