Imperfectly Perfect Bridal Shower

In an event world full of professional photos, styled shoots, and well-planned decor -there are times when we get together with friends to decorate more casually just to celebrate a fun occassion without all the detailed fuss. And in that lies a sweet perfection in the memories we create rather then the experiences we design. Typically when I style a party, I plan for sight-lines as best I can. I remove everything in the surrounding areas (art from walls, knick-knacks from the background, furniture that doesnt make sense), and assess the layout of all pieces around the tablescape or displays so the eye reads only what I want it to. But there ARE times that we need to let go of these self-imposed rules and just have fun decorating without worry! I styled this eccelectic vintge Mad Hatter Tea Party for a bride-to-be friend with the help of some other amazing ladies. There was no set decor plan. Just a collection of trinkets, decorations, and bobs & bits that everyone brought to the party that I pulled together into whimsical displays. This is why I love the mad tea party theme so much. There is no right or wrong. Whimsy can be injected at every turn and layers of decor can teetor their way into our imaginations. These are not perfect photos. They are merely phone-camera snaps to help us remember a day we came together. They do not capture how truly beautiful this party was, with the combined effort of so many lovely ladies. These photos are merely a reminder of an afternoon filled with decoration that inspired conversation and laughter. And sometimes... thats the best kind of party.

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