It's All Messy & I Love It!

Let’s talk about what life is really like as an event stylist and custom crafter....behind the scenes. I won’t lie - its pretty fun! And we tend to work with amazing vendors that make our jobs look beautiful. But behind the scenes is always just a bit chaotic and the kind of days that make you spin your wheels a little. Days where we rely heavily on assistants and labour crew just so we can stand there and think out a new plan, revised plan, or even comprehend a pre-thought out plan.

As I wind down my wedding season, I feel incredibly thankful I survived and am, admittedly, a bit overwhelmed. What I’m left with on the home front is a mess, and the realization that I’ve let my home become a constant disarray of event décor and ongoing projects over the last 3 months. As a small business, my home is my command center; it’s my office, my storage, my art studio (something I am seriously reconsidering for next year). And it needs a major overhaul to get it back to the clean living standards I normally set. It’s the season of reclaiming personal living space! Did I mention we live in a 600 sq ft suite?! Yep… I have storage totes piling up and somewhere under the heaps and layers is a dining area that we haven’t eaten at since May. This front-line command center is home to all the sorting and organizing I do between events. Its where action plans are made, lists are created, inventory is reviewed, crafts are designed, and odd tools normally reserved for workbenches lay around because I might need them again tomorrow. As I have a couple day off to try to wrap my head around where to start the re-organization process, what keeps me sane is that I know I’m not alone. My industry friends are all on ‘zombie’ mode as we wrap up our season. Late nights, chaotic schedules, and long working hours have started catching up with all of us. So, am I complaining?

NO. I love every minute of it!

Ok… maybe not the all-nighters, the wasp-stings in garden set-ups, the racoons jumping in front of the car while driving with a load full of inventory, or silly accidents rendering centerpieces useless – but I love every OTHER bit of it.

I love my clients, I love the creative chaos, and I love Vern (my better half) who is so incredibly easy-going and understanding that this is a fact of life for summer time and never lays complaint at my constant promise that I will “clean this stuff up later” as I point to a pile blocking the entrance of our suite. He knows that come later this Fall, I will once again create a cozy home filled with ambience and delicious smells of baked goods and home-cooked meals for us. And while I plan on posting lots of photos of the incredible events I’ve participated in, I thought it only fair that the general public knows the REAL story behind all the loveliness we create. The more I create beautiful weddings for clients, the more crazy my home becomes. Its part and package of being a creative entrepreneur. Maybe someday I will find the perfect studio, but for now…this is life and I love it!

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