5 Tips for Planning Wedding Decor

Photo credit: Jarusha Brown Photography

Congratulations to all the amazing couples who got engaged over the holiday season; this is such an exciting time in your love story!

Armed with excitement, we all too often see couples jump right into the decor side of their wedding plans. Aside from saying "I do" to that perfect mate, decor is likely at the forefront of the mind when dreaming about your wedding. And with a social media world filled to the brim with designs and publications of picture perfect wedding moments, it's easy to gorge on the creative ideas and lose our direction quickly. It's not difficult to get overwhelmed when pulling decor details together. Mosaic Party has wedding packages to ease this burden ( here ) - but if you are a couple looking to do your own decor, where does one begin? So...for all you newly-engaged couples, here's some of my best advice regarding your decor & design planning as you embark on your beautiful journey. _________________________________________________________ 1. Determine a budget I am surprised how many couples 'wing' this aspect when it comes to decor. It's integral for a strong foundation and a beautiful wedding. The most stylish weddings I've seen are the ones that were budgeted from the start...even weddings on a strict decor budget that doesn't allow for a lot of excess decor.

When following a budget, couples consider their options more thoroughly and determine decor priorities. Tracking and planning for a budget makes it easier to no to impromptu spending and assess whether items will truly enhance your wedding style or just be a nice but unnecessary detail.


2. Book a Venue First! Knowing what you have to work with is critical for good design planning. Avoid the headache of transforming a space to suit your decor vision which typically means spending more money, and instead choose a venue that you can work your vision into (see tip #3 below for more details). Choose a venue that reflects your personal style as a couple, offers all your base decor needs (tables, chairs, linens), and can comfortably seat the number of guests you are planning for.

Although they may have an initial higher-ticket price point, look for venues that offer extras such as added decor options (lighting, arbours, centerpiece accessories) and/or staff who can assist with decor set-up. In the long run, this can save you money on the incidentals and unforeseen expenses you may not consider until later on.


3. Determine a Style that Coordinates with your Venue

Work with your venues environment, not against it. Sure, a blank neutral space and unlimited budget is the ultimate ideal when creating a dream wedding - however, a savvy stylists' greatest assets is the ability to build upon what is already on site and available to work with. We know layering decor elements that coordinate with the venue can help create an overall "wow" factor with less effort and expense. Assess your venue, the overall theme it provides, the color palette it offers through architectural and interior elements, and then plan your decor to work with it.


4. Avoid the DIY & Pinterest Trends This may sound counter-productive for budget conscious couples so this is more a warning to heed then anything. Perhaps its better titled "Be Careful of Taking on Too Much DIY" Unless you are a regular DIY-er in your everyday life, a wedding is not the time to begin. Pinterest feeds offer so many options for fun and crafty ideas - it's ridiculously easy to get swept up in decor elements that ultimately compete with one another, wasting precious time and energy. There are lots of brilliant budget-saving ideas out there if you are willing to DIY but having a clear vision is Key. Only pick one or two feasible projects to put a personal stamp on your wedding day and leave yourself more quality time for more important things.


5. Less is More

Great styling is about layers and knowing where to streamline or cut back. It's about the ambiance you create that allows your guests to feel comfortable and ready to celebrate. Forego all the multitude of fussy decor details and DIY projects; opt for simpler, bigger impact items that set a mood. Like lighting & candles... or fresh floral arrangements. In the end, guests won't remember that specific shape of candle holder or a small element that PERFECTLY matches another detail. Worry more about coordinates rather than 'matching' and cut back on fuss.

Happy P lanning!


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