Vendor Spotlight: Lauren Elise Hair Design

May 13, 2016

Last summer we joined forces with our friends over at Marry Okanagan to giveaway a $10,000 wedding to one lucky couple. Ben & Becky won our contest and just next month, we will be helping them host a gorgeous Okanagan wedding with the help of some amazing vendors. To get the celebrations underway we've interviewed some of our vendors to learn more about them. Here's today's spotlight...

Lauren is a sweet spirit who is embarking on her OWN wedding adventures next month! I can't imagine being in this industry going into peak season and trying to plan a wedding for oneself at the same time. This just shows how put together this vendor is, and we cannot wait to see her talents shine on our brides hair for the contest wedding.

Here's a little more about Lauren Elise Hair Design


1. What is Lauren Elise Hair Design all about?

My business is Lauren Elise Hair Design and I provide mobile hair design all over the okanagan for special events (Grad, Wedding, Birthdays etc.).


2. When did Lauren Elise Hair Design all begin?

This is my second summer of doing mobile hair design and my fourth year of doing hair styling.


3 - What do you love about hair design?

I love doing hair design because it is such a fun creative job. Every bride provides a new style and a new design medium to work with! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the look on a bride's face when she sees her hair come into the style she's dreamed of. 


4 - Where can people find Lauren Elise online?


5 - What tips would you give couples about their wedding?

1. Don't choose your hairstyle before you have your dress, your neckline can help determine whether or not you want to have your hair up or down, or somewhere in the middle.


2. Do not get your hair cut right before the wedding, especially by someone new. Find a stylist that you trust who is willing to give you small trims to maintain health and as much length as possible for your wedding. Also be sure to ask your wedding stylist what length is best for the style you choose and if you need any type of extensions to make it a reality.


3. When you pick your style, ask your stylist to adapt it to your hair. Not everyone may have enough hair to pull of certain styles. 


4. Give yourself lots of time in the morning. The last thing you want is to be rushed. Starting hair and make up early isn't too bad, you don't have to do anything but roll out of bed and let us take over!




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