Brides - Enjoy the Experience

In the week leading up to your wedding, you will feel overwhelmed with everything mounting on your shoulders. Its inevitable Be sure to take moments away from the to-do list, tasks, and never-ending chores to relish in the experience of everything happening. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “I have to get this done first” mentality, with the hope you will have time to enjoy it all later. But the truth of the matter is: some of our best memories come from soaking it all in prior to the wedding day.

Here's some tips to ensure you enjoy the experience and build great lasting memories:

1. TAKE TIME... Make 30 minutes each day leading up to your wedding to sit somewhere quiet, relax, and breathe. This practice helps restore balance… and believe it or not, allows you to be more productive in the tasks that lay ahead.

2. MAKE A DATE... Have a date with your Fiancé and try not talk about the wedding details! Set the goal at the beginning of the date to refrain from 'production' talk. Instead, tell one another why you are looking forward to getting married and reminisce with one another about your love story and the memories from when you were first dating. Revel in the love you two share and shed the stress and/or excitement of the wedding itself. Remind one another what is truly important

3. DOCUMENT A PLAN... Write down your plan and have it ready going into the week of your wedding. You will be overwhelmed with umpteen million questions from loved ones and people helping you pull together your big day. Some brides may find it useful to create an event page on Facebook (as a closed group for just your network), or an online drive that you can share your plans in. When people ask you for details – refer them to the source where it’s accessible for everyone.

4. LIMIT THE HELP... Select a core group of people to assist and have a catch phrase ready for the many others that will offer their help.

Example: “Thank you for your offer, it means so much. My greatest wish is for you to simply enjoy the events. However, if something should arise, I will know who I can call on!” Too many cooks in the kitchen, results in more time delegating, managing, and handling questions. It can also be a recipe for disaster and obstacles; those involved can develop a sense of ownership and opinions that ultimately can clash with one another. Its human nature. Keep it simple. Hire professionals to manage details, or delegate a small group of trusted helpers and assign them tasks to handle on your behalf.

5. EAT WELL... Keep those blood sugar levels stable; it will help you with stress and emotion. Go ahead, indulge – there will be lots of yummy treats and quick food options presented in that crazy week…however, be sure to balance those choices with good for you selections too. Had a super delicious pastry when the in laws dropped a stress bomb? Eat an apple or something with both protein and slow-release nutrients to level the effects of a sugar crash.

In the end – you will enjoy your wedding day no matter what. The days’ events unfold like magic and all the stress and worry dissipates despite any fret you put into it all. So be sure to take the time and plan for all the good that is in the days leading up to it so you can enhance your memories of the whole experience, not just the one day!

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